Tri-Cities Real Estate Law Attorneys

Expert Representation in Complex Real Estate Matters

When you are buying or selling real estate, a realtor can ensure that transactions run smoothly. However, a realtor is not equipped to handle many legal issues that can arise out of any real estate transaction.

Real estate lawyers represent individuals and businesses in a broad range of residential and commercial real estate disputes and transactions. 


How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

A real estate lawyer can help with many complex real estate issues. When you work with one of our expert real estate lawyers, we'll work closely with you to make sure your specific needs are met and address any issues before they become real problems. For us, protecting your interests—both current and future—is of the utmost importance.

Some of the issues a real estate lawyer can help with include:

  • Preparation and review of purchase and sale agreements
  • Representation for buyers and sellers
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Title issues, like title insurance and title defects
  • Commercial and residential mortgage foreclosures (including strategic voluntary defaults)
  • Dispute resolution (i.e., boundary disputes, mortgage disputes, etc.)
  • Homeowner association (HOA) issues, like neighborhood covenant issues
  • Contractor liens
  • Easements
  • Ingress/Egress

Common Questions About Real Estate Law

What is the difference between residential and commercial real estate?

Residential real estate involves any property that is used as a residence, whether rented or purchased. Commercial real estate involves property that is used for business purposes, including store fronts, offices, and warehouse/storage facilities. 

Do I need to hire a real estate attorney to purchase a house?

Some states require that a real estate lawyer be present at the closing of a real estate transaction. Washington is not one of those states.

However, real estate purchase or sale is a legal transaction that involves a lot of paperwork and legal jargon. Many homebuyers like to enlist in the help of an attorney to review these documents from a legal perspective to ensure that they are getting a fair deal.


Are you buying real estate? We can help make sure it goes smoothly.

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