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What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a court-supervised legal relationship created as a benefit and protection for another. It is the duty of a legal guardian to care for or make legal decisions on behalf of their ward. Guardianships are usually established for children whose parents are unable to take care of them, or for adults who are declared mentally or physically incapacitated.

Types of Guardianships

There are many types of guardianship, and each comes with a different level of rights and legal obligations. 

  • Limited Guardianship - In some cases, the court may rule that the ward is capable of making some decisions on their own, but not others. For the decisions where the ward lacks sound judgment, the court appoints a limited guardian to assist the ward.
  • Co-Guardianship - A court may establish a co-guardianship to protect the ward's best interests. A co-guardianship often serves as a check and balance system, so that neither guardian abuses their powers.
  • Guardian of property - A court can appoint a guardian whose primary concern is providing or managing monetary resources for the ward's care.
  • Guardian ad litem - A guardian ad litem is appointed specifically to protect the ward's interests in any legal proceedings that directly affect them.

How Can a Guardianship Lawyer Help?

A guardianship lawyer can be a legal advocate for people petitioning for guardianship, those opposing guardianship petitions, and for the person in need of guardianship. No matter what side of a guardianship situation you are on, the lawyers at AKJ law firm are here to help. We have extensive experience handling guardianship services. 

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Common Questions About Guardianship

Is guardianship permanent?

Guardianship can be granted on a permanent or indefinite basis, but this isn't always the case. It depends greatly on the nature of the situation, the status of the person in need of care, and any legal issues surrounding the case. 

How is guardianship different from custody?

Guardianship and custody are similar in that they both can give legal rights to someone caring for a child. However, guardians have a more limited range of rights that have to do with the child's day-to-day life. 


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