Tri-Cities Divorce Lawyers

Your Divorce Lawyer: A Friend & Advocate

When divorce is the situation at hand, you’ll probably have a million questions. Where do I find a divorce lawyer? What happens next? What about the kids? Do I have to give up half of everything?

Going through a divorce is rarely an easy process, and it’s one you should never have to go through alone. Your divorce lawyer will help you throughout the entire ordeal, from filing the initial papers to advocating on your behalf in mediation, to petitioning the courts for child custody if necessary.

Fault vs. No-Fault Divorce

There are generally two types of divorce recognized in the United States: fault and no-fault. In a fault divorce, an accusation is made that one party is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. A no-fault divorce does not allege any blame on either party.

The state of Washington is a no-fault divorce state, so that is your only option when filing for divorce in this state. Divorces in Washington are essentially all considered to be the result of irreconcilable differences. Your divorce lawyer can explain in further detail your options when it comes to filing for divorce in Washington.


Common Questions About Divorce Law

What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?

When you are legally separated from your spouse, you are still entitled to the rights and obligations that come with being legally married—because you are still legally married, even if you are no longer living together. However, a divorce is a complete legal dissolution of the marriage.

How long do divorce proceedings take?

In the state of Washington, the absolute minimum amount of time it will take to finalize your divorce is 90 days. However, much depends on the grounds for divorce and the willingness of both parties to come to terms in any negotiations about mutual assets, property, and child custody.

What if my spouse lives in a different state?

Each state has its own divorce laws, so inter-state divorce proceedings can vary greatly. It’s always good to have a qualified divorce lawyer on your side, but this is especially true when you’re dealing with a complicated situation like divorce across state lines.


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